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Feed And Instruct The Hungry

A Food Bank and Service Center for those in need serving  South Lake County, Florida

What We Offer
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Our food supplies are donated to us by government agencies and individual donations.

We supply food to our clients twice a month - first to fifteenth and sixteenth to the end of the month.  Each visit supplies enough food for the family for three days.  

Most days we have bread and fresh produce available in addition to the basic food supplies.

There is no charge to our clients for any food services.

Household Items and Sundries

We often receive donations of items such as catsup, mustard, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste and other sundries. If you are in need to such items ask the front desk volunteer to add these to your food request upon check in.  We will supply you with these if they are in stock.

Once every six months a client is eligible to receive household items that we may have such as kitchen supplies, linens, and small appliances.
The front desk check-in volunteer will help you with these requests.

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Our generous donors are constantly donating clothing to the center and only clothing that is in excellent shape is available.  Clients may take up to two bags of clothing each week for their families' use.

Food Stamps and Medicaid

Normally, we have volunteers on duty who can assist you with Food Stamp and Medicaid applications.  Call the center at 352-429-1200  before you come to find out what documents you need to bring with you.

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Utilities Assistance

You may be eligible for some monetary assistance if your utilities are in danger of being disconnected.   Contact the Center (352-429-1200) for more information.

Medical Assistance

You may be qualified to receive limited medical assistance every six months.  We will refer you to a special clinic.  Call the Center for details.

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Other Services

The Center offers other benefits such as job training, income tax assistance, food baskets at Christmas and is planning to offer additional services in the future.  Watch this space for details.

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