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Feed And Instruct The Hungry

A Food Bank and Service Center for those in need serving the needs of South Lake County, Florida

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14727 Timber Village Road
Groveland, FL 34735

Operating  Hours
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday
9 am to noon: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:
1 pm to 4 pm: Thursday

Dine Out and  Special Events
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Dine Out

One easy way to help the Center is to take advantage of our "Dine Out" program.  Occasionally, local food merchants give a percentage of your bill to the Center. Already, restaurants like Chili's, Calabria, Bob Evans, Flippers, Outback, Culvers, and Texas Roadhouse have paticipated in the program.  Check below for any current promotions. 

Special Events

A great way to raise money for the center is to host a special event.  For example, the Boy Scouts sponsor an annual Food Drive and the Center has held an annual Golf Tournament, with proceeds going to the Center.  The possibilities are unlimited. Contact the Volunteer of Special Projects at  if you would like to sponsor such an event.

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Annual Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament for 2021 has not yet been announced.

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