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Feed And Instruct The Hungry

A Food Bank and Service Center for those in need serving the needs of South Lake County, Florida

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14727 Timber Village Road
Groveland, FL 34735

Operating  Hours
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday
9 am to noon: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:
1 pm to 4 pm: Thursday

Become a Client
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If you have not been to the Center before and feel you are in need of our services, bring in any information regarding any government services you are receiving, and an estimate of your monthly income.

You must be a resident of South Lake County, Florida to qualify for services- Mascotte, Groveland, Clermont, Minneola, Montverde and points between these and south to the county line. We receive donations of food from government sources, so you must qualify based on your family income or government programs.

Our front desk volunteers will ask you some basic information about you and your family and establish that you qualify for our services. Once you are signed up as a client, you will be offered services on your first visit.

If you have food restrictions due to allergies or other medical conditions, make sure you notify the front desk volunteer so your restrictions are properly recorded.

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If you are receiving food on your visit, a Food Order is transmitted to our Pantry, where your order will be assembled. We may have some non food items available. Request those when you sign in. Browse for some fresh produce while you are waiting for your food order.

Please note that the volume and type of food you receive may vary according to our donations.

Once you are established as a client, you only need to check in at the front desk to receive services on future visits.
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