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Feed And Instruct The Hungry

A Food Bank and Service Center for those in need serving the needs of South Lake County, Florida

14727 Timber Village Road
Groveland, FL 34735

Operating  Hours
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday
9 am to noon: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:
1 pm to 4 pm: Thursday

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The FAITH Neighborhood Center was founded in 1972 and has been in continuous operation since opening. The Center has grown until now we have over 100 active volunteers. Our dedicated volunteers allow us to keep the costs of running the Center with a small part-time staff as low as possible.

We provide support to low income families and individuals in South Lake County– Mascotte, Groveland, Clermont, Minneola, Montverde and points in between and south to the county line.

We offer several kinds of assistance:

• Food
• Medical support in conjunction with the South Lake Community Health Center.
• Educational/Training opportunities
• Assistance in applying for food stamps, Medicaid and Emergency Assistance.

Featured Volunteer

Focus on a true and faithful volunteer—Sylvia Sinn is Trish’s “Girl Friday” at FNC. That’s an amazing moniker, but it’s true. One could say she wears many hats, but we’ve never seen her with one on. No matter what must be done, Sylvia is ready, willing, and able to accomplish the task.

She serves at the front desk to greet clients with a warm, caring smile. She is also the official Donor Relations Coordinator. She sends thank you notes to everyone who contributes to FAITH Neighborhood Center. She makes sure that no one is slighted. In so doing, she also includes a receipt of the donations.
Sylvia has been a volunteer for about 12 years. She has accrued thousands of volunteer hours.

When asked what her most memorable moments have been throughout the years, she replied that making friendships with the clients has been most rewarding. Sylvia born in Altoona, Pennsylvania. That’s where the railroad has that amazing horseshoe curve. She moved to our area from Tennessee. Sylvia has two grown children and three grandchildren.

If anyone is indispensable, that person is Sylvia Sinn. Perhaps we all should try to emulate her commitment, her friendliness, and all that she does for others.

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News and Coming Events

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Our next cooking class will be held on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the Education Room.

Register by contacting Sondra Green at 352-429-1200 or email specialprojects@

This free event is presented by South Lake Hospital.

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There are many ways to donate to the center: Donate Money, Food, Household Items, or your time.  Or become a Partner of the Center.  Click on the Ways to Help menu at the top of each page to learn how.

Donate Money

Donating to the Center is easy. Donate by using your favorite credit card by clicking the DONATE MONEY NOW button below or just send a check to the Center.

Donate Food

Donate food through your favorite participating Church or just bring your food to the Center side door.  A good alternative is to donate money for food, providing a 10-1 payback.

Donate Household Items

Donate household items such as linens, books, decorative items, kitchen supplies, small appliances, etc.  No furniture please.  Bring your donations to the right side door at the Center.

Donate Your Time

Donate your time by volunteering to help in many different ways.  Call the Center for information.

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Our Center received the Outstanding Non Profit Organization in Lake County award in 2017
Services Given During the First Nine Months of 2017
Families Served



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